My Career Story

I worked in three different jobs in the past five years after I graduated college. I had great experience, but not enough depth to become a manager or business leader.

I lacked direction for what I wanted to do. I knew that I wanted more freedom in my next position and needed to diversify my income streams by building things rather than sitting idly.

I wasn't in the big city, nor was I rolling around in money. My ambition waned in my second job because of lack of funding and confidence in my abilities.

I decided to leave that job and explore other opportunities in the area. I was able to work with a smaller company that allowed me to build freely to satisfy their needs. I was able to have more control over my skill set and how to build it.

My spark was seeing the pain points of a small company in real time and use my knowledge of technology, including no-code applications, to fulfill the needs of the company.

After years of building for purpose tools and not having any traction or support, my boss Mark allowed me to create tools as I saw fit, and see them out to help the company.

I've been able to build more tools in my free time and during work to help the company establish robust systems that will help long after current employees are gone. I've also grown to love the community within the small city I live.

Now I'm making things that help people find the same.