Hire Me

Before we start, here is a link to my resume for those that want a copy to distribute

What I have done for others

I have…

  • Managed projects in the oil and gas pipeline industry with budgets from $50k - $2M
  • Directed field crews and maintaining cost and schedule in a fast paced pipeline maintenance field that is subject to PHMSA and DOT regulation
  • Welded on the shop floor as an engineer, which has given me experience in the welding process, non destructive examination, and more
  • Developed MS Office tools for large scale projects for material tracking in Excel and Access
  • Trained High school and Middle school athletes in the Northwest Houston area - now starters and leaders on their sports and academic teams
  • Consulted trainers and coaches on developing their athletes and players

What I can do for you

Need help developing in-house systems to streamline your work process?

I am available to consult or be full-time to develop and assist in the project management process. DM or email me to start the process.

Looking for someone with a proven track record of being immediately impactful in little time?

I've learned drafting, welding, Excel macro coding, and much more in a month or less.

Message me at gjsequei at gmail.com with what you are looking for and I will develop an onboarding plan to be an asset to your business in record time.

Need help figuring out your personal social media positioning? For US$100, I’ll chat with you about your goals and help you outline a strategy that makes sense for you. I’ll help you think about what your bio should be, who you should be following and talking to.

How we can get started

DM me on Twitter, Linkedin, or email me at gjsequei at gmail and let’s chat!