What I'm Doing Now

(This is a now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too.)

Current Day Job

I'm currently working as a project manager and estimator for a construction contractor in Louisiana. My writing on this site will reflect what I've learned both on the job and in my previous experience

Current Projects

Seeking Greatness Newsletter

My curation newsletter that goes over things I've done, seen, read, watched, and used lately

No-Code Projects

I've created a separate page for my Projects that include following tutorials and applying them to local and personal needs for businesses and communities

  • Gym Job Board
  • Local Restaurant Review App
  • Real Estate Listing App
  • Home Gym Finder App
  • Baseball Throwing Partner App

Check out the Projects page for more details

House Projects

Currently adding, subtracting, and updating my place

  • Barn Doors - In progress
  • Ceiling Fans - not started

Social Media

  • Twitter - looking to grow to my first 1,000 followers and create an audience first product
  • Tik Tok - growing a following and getting reps in front of the camera for 1 minute spurts

I'm also creating a backlog of projects and ideas that I find online. I will dedicate pages and links to work I've done previously on it for people to take with and run.