9 Lessons on Life Optimization from Rob Dyrdek

9 Lessons on Life Optimization from Rob Dyrdek

You see people talking about lifestyle optimization, but rarely see examples of how to achieve it

Rob Dyrdek is the last person you would think has truly mastered their life

But I think he should be in your top 3

Here are 9 lessons from Rob on achieving Life Optimization

Own Your Production

Rob's TV success comes from controlling the unit economics of his content

this means he can own ALL his shows and package them in not just 30 episode deals, but 500+ episode deals

bigger deals = bigger $

Lesson - content compounds, own it

Learn from Failure

Rob bought Alien Workshop against all advice against it

He says it was one of his worst investments

BUT he doesn't regret it

He learned about the operations of a business and how to create ROI for his business

Lesson - try, fail, learn

Skin in the Game

Rob owned and jockeyed horses

He ended up selling one for $2M

What was done for a skit ended up being an interesting experience that other horse owners respect him for

Lesson - get skin in the game, you'll learn a lot, and make some $ in the process


Rob is known for his TV Shows (Ridiculousness)

But he doesn't put all his eggs in one basket

He is diversified in his main business, real estate, and venture that he is antifragile in his portfolio

Lesson - diversify, leverage, and build an antifragile portfolio

What get's measured gets managed

Rob only spends 30% of his time each day managing his business


He's tracked his time and energy every day for 5 YEARS to determine how he's living

and optimizes for one thing - Happiness

Lesson - Master yourself, Master everything

Mindset Matters

Rob says to be happy you need to be in one of three states

  • creating the future
  • experiencing the present
  • problem solving

If you dwell or daydream, It gets you nowhere

Lesson - focus on creating, experiencing and problem solving to be happier in life

You can learn how to be Great

Rob didn't start out being amazing

When he got snubbed by investors in his SB league he took a journey to learn business from a coach

fast forward to now and he's building generational wealth for his family

Lesson - Everyone can go from 0 to 1

Play Long Term games

Rob is a part of Tiger21

each month a member explains all their assets in front of the group and how it fits their 100 year plan

This plan shifted Rob's mindset from SELF preservation to GENERATIONAL Preservation

Lesson - the best play long term games

Enjoy the Process

Rob got burnt out with his ambition and drive to do more

He found his zen (and exponential growth) when he focused on the purpose and process of his businesses

Lesson - you'll go farther and be happier when you fall in the love with the process, not outcomes

I knew Rob as a skateboarder who had a TV show on MTV 90% of the time

After this podcast, he's a model to what I aspire to become