Biden, Brews, and Bets - SG#8

Information diets, tracking candidate promises, and buying businesses

Biden, Brews, and Bets - SG#8

Welcome to another week!

I'll be moving Seeking Greatness to Revue as an experiment in exposure since they just got bought by Twitter.

Let's hope this becomes a rocket ship!

One thing I'm reading

The Hustle and Morning Brew

Daily newsletters can be a drag, but curated newsletters done well can save plenty of time catching up on trends, events, and news from the previous day.

Mix that with their copywriting ability and knack for insight, and you have a 1-2 punch that will make any cocktail party a breeze for conversation.

To subscribe to their newsletters (and grab me some sweet referral bonuses) click below!

The Hustle

Morning Brew

One thing I'm building

Landing Pages for Athletes and Trainers

Make booking training as easy as sending a link to a prospect.

No more back and forth on figuring out good times.

No more questions about rates and what you do.

More time training and improving. Less time with logistics.

I've recently purchased a template for Carrd that makes it super simple for baseball coaches to have lessons booked online.

You can find it here

I plan on using this for athletic trainers as well. Reply to this and I'll work with you on getting one of your own set up

One thing I'm thinking about

My information diet

Your inputs determine your outputs. What we consume influences who we become. We decide what kind of person we will be.

Nick Dewilde coincidentally put out an article outlining a framework for a T shaped information diet that focuses on the practical and ideal information diet. Most people will be somewhere in between.

Practical information diets will consist of knowing a broad range of topics that are both en vogue and historical. Ideal information diet would be only signal and no noise. Innovation lies at the boundary of the ideal diet, as you are introducing new perspective that mixes with the high value content.

Actionable steps Nick outlines are

  1. Map out the essential roles and responsibilities in your personal and professional life. This will give you a sense of contexts in which you use information.
  2. Make a list of the information sources (blogs, podcasts, newsletters, literary authors, communities, Youtube Channels, etc.) that you depend on for useful insight and map them to the roles and responsibilities they help you perform.
  3. If you feel inspired, rank each one by insight quality or any other dimension discussed in this post.
  4. Unsubscribe from any sources that aren’t at least above a 7 or 8
  5. Start seeking out new information sources in areas where your diet is lacking. Often asking for recommendations from friends or on Twitter can be a good place to start.

The next issue I'll outline these questions in part of "Building my content diet" so subscribe!

One thing I'm watching

The Stock Market

With some recent news on GameStop, I've been keeping a closer eye on my Robinhood account to see how much this stock can go.

I encourage folks that want to get in on the game of the stock market to do so wisely and with money that they know is gone forever (like the way I think about gambling money)

Get some free stock with my link here

One thing I'm using


Hydration is key for a healthy lifestyle, and I've spent the past couple days using LMNT salt packets to help my hydration.

They come in a few different flavors and are made by Robb Wolf, a trusted expert in nutrition that has become synonymous with paleo, keto, and primal eating.

In the past I've used my own concoction of salt, lemon juice, and water for my own version of "meathead lemonade" that I'll go into in a later issue.

For now, try LMNT and upgrade your hydration!

One person I'm following

Joe Biden

Our next president was sworn in last week. Trump is out, Biden is in.

So what did Biden promise if he got into office?

A great many things

So how do we keep him accountable?

There's a site for that now. collected all the campaign promises Biden made and set them in a trackable board that shows the progress on each item. I love this concept and would appreciate it being translated to every representative across the country. Local political followers could create them for their representatives and monetize it as a way of incentivizing frequent updates.

Part of the voting process is being informed. Apps like these can provide a great service to voters and with the proper gating and vetting could be the go-to source for voter education.

One thing I'm learning

Buying small internet businesses

I purchased the Microacquisitions Course by Ryan Kulp a while ago, and have been digging into the content as I've gotten more downtime at work.

I endorse the material as it comes from Ryan with his experience as a buyer of small businesses with his company Fork Equity.

I hope to use the framework by buying apps and services in upcoming marketplaces like Shopify, Zoom, etc as a way of building my skills in technology and management of online products

That's it for this newsletter. Hope you enjoyed it!

Let me know what you think of this new format. What would you like to see me expand upon or explore? See you next week!