How to Build An Adventure App for your City

Make an app that gets rid of the back and forth texts and long group threads

How to Build An Adventure App for your City

The Problem

I have a group of friends that loves to try out new places and explore the area they live.

What I don't have is a great way of collecting ideas in one place, where people will check and add their own ideas of things to do, festivals to see, etc

The Solution

Make an application (with a base in google sheets) to easily add events, including time, location, and voting options, that my friends can have on their phone and update in real time


No more long text threads and scrolling to find the event time from a week ago. All the events organized in a calendar for everyone updated in real time

Is anyone paying to solve this problem today?

Not that I know of. Google Calendar and FB events are usually a good way, but people don't usually check them (people = me)

Possible Monetization Streams

  • Make a one time download fee
  • Offer consulting on how to build it - course/video walkthrough
  • Subscription service

Napkin Math


  • Glide - $0
  • Social Media - $0

Potential Sales

  • $1/download
  • $12/year for sub service
  • $50 for course/tutorial

What to Validate

  • Are there friend groups like mine that need this tool?
  • Are there ways of pivoting the tool for larger events?

How To Validate

  • Survey
  • Asking Friends
  • Sharing on Twitter

Is it Sustainable?

No idea, however, this is a fit for purpose project, so I'm not too worried about the monetization of it yet


Usefulness - 💪 (fits the need of my friend group, not sure of anyone else)

Complexity - 👨‍💻 (I know the Glide tool, could build in Adalo for extra functionality)

Excitement - 🔥🔥 (gets me into the no-code space, develops my skills)

Product/Founder Fit - N/A

How I built it

Step 1: Use Glide to create the base to work from

My columns are:

Event Name


Type of Event (Drinks, Music, Food, etc)


Date and Time

Step 2: Format the app in Glide (with option to let users add their own)

[Optional]Step 3: Add relations to allow people to upvote what they are going to and add comments to the event page

Bonus Items:

  • Add a carpooling section for each event - include a form that shows who is going and how many they can carry - allow users to choose a car

You can see the current version of this project here:

For a great resource to start developing your process of building apps, check out this article. It includes frameworks and easy to follow infographics to guide you from ideation to creation