Why I got into Training

How a small fry who got skipped over for the team became the playmaker when he grew up

Why I got into Training

Growing up, I was never the strongest, fastest, or biggest kid on the team. I was older, but never had a physical edge on my teammates or opponents. I had to develop my skill in sport to be better at sport.

I was discouraged by my lack of ability to power through activities that other kids could. I was always passed over in middle school for a taller or larger student.

Progressing through sports the comment was always how skinny and weak I was, regardless of my ability to perform on the field. I kept losing my spot to someone that was bigger but didn't have the sports sense to be great at the game.

That's when I committed myself to getting bigger, stronger, and faster. I decided to push myself in the weight room and learn as much as I could on how to improve my conditioning for my sport.

My spark was a combination of my own drive to empower my performance, support from my friends and family, and the resources to optimize every aspect of my training.

After a few months of training on my own, I found a great mentor in my trainer David Claiborne, as well as Jared Gansert and his staff. They helped me through college to get into the best condition of my life, and made lasting impact even past graduation.

I'm able to excel in many sports because of my broad base. My strength, speed, and conditioning are above the average athlete. I now consult on training programs as well as test other training programs on myself to provide feedback.