SG #10 - Tools to Take over the World

SG #10 - Tools to Take over the World

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It’s been an interesting few weeks since the last post, but establishing a consistent habit isn’t without its obstacles.

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Ok, on with the show...

One thing I'm Listening to

On Sam Parr's recommendation I've found a podcast on How to Take Over the World

No really

that's the name of the podcast

I've started all the way at the beginning with a brief primer on Napoleon and how to take what he did and apply it to your own situations.

Application is what I absolutely love when listening to podcasts. And the name isn't half bad either.

Solid recommend from me and looking forward to sharing more from this podcast in future tweets and newsletters

One thing I'm building

I've settled into No-Code as my default method of building things.

I wish I had these tools when I was in college trying to hustle into business ideas with my roommate Derek. We would have had a blast scheming with these apps!

I'm making the most of my time by following more tutorials online (and even developing a site that collects the best ones (mostly ones I've used)

Current Projects

  • No Code Tutorials - a gallery of free/paid tutorials that help you go from zero to product
  • CryptoHunt - unbundling reddit r/Crypto and developing a "Product Hunt for Crypto"
  • Automating my life with Zapier integrations and Doing Time Right by Steph Smith

One question I'm thinking about

Super meta - but what are better questions to ask when solving problems?

Shaan Puri had a podcast not too long ago about asking better questions during conversations. I'd like to expand upon that and see how we can ask better questions to get better answers.

When looking at a project we usually ask

  • Why isn't this working?
  • Why am I not getting X subscribers per day?
  • Why is my follower count still so low when I tweet so much?
  • What is the best way to make this product?

When we should be asking more pointed questions like

  • How do I simplify this process?
  • What am I tracking to determine what gets subscribers/followers?
  • What's one level lower to make this product so I have an MVP?

I love the method of thinking in one level of abstraction lower than what I'm envisioning. It helps me think about how things would look if they were 'easy' rather than perfect.

One thing I'm using

This ridiculous ratcheting screwdriver

My dad always built and fixed stuff around the house. I remember when he got new tools he looked like me when I got a new Nintendo game to play.

I may have inherited his giddiness for new tools.

This ratcheting screwdriver is a godsend for people that don't want to mess around with carpal tunnel when building their next Ikea furniture set. It has all the bits that you would want, even the weird star ones.

You can find it here (no affiliate, just a solid recommendation to GET. THIS. NOW)

and thank me through email or on Twitter if you decide to get it

One person I'm following

Jarret on Twitter has made it super easy to make Bubble apps

"Sunday Projects" hits so close to home for me as I love me a good weekend project that is simple, useful, and gets more ideas flowing.

So far he's created

  • Landing Page Gallery
  • Upvoting Mechanics
  • Linktree clone
  • Follower counter on Twitter
  • and more incoming!

One thing I'm learning

How to build better newsletters

To keep on this meta train I've looked into more newsletters I could consider curating. I've decided on a few that are overlooked yet could be useful to the right people

NIL Deal Flow - a newsletter to help athletes get more deals by looking at ones already made

This is close to my heart as my brother finished college a year before NIL rules went into place. I want to use this newsletter to help the people out that may not be a big name but can leverage their skills on the field to money in the bank

No Code Weekly - The best no-code articles to help you go from zero to MVP

Another topic that I love diving into, this will be a collection of articles and key takeaways to help budding product guys build their own apps and services, using ideas from popular podcasts and websites

Wonder Woman Weekly - Unleash your inner Wonder Woman

Mostly for my mom, but for many other women struggling to make sense of all the health and diet information out there. I go over recent articles with a fine tooth comb to make sure they give it to you straight and explain it in words anyone can understand. You don't need a dictionary to be healthy, just a good eye and this newsletter.

That's it for this newsletter. Hope you enjoyed it!

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