The One Thing

Focus on one thing... or one thing many times over

The One Thing

As seen on my substack and republished here

I'm changing up the format of this newsletter to better accommodate and curate the information I consume and the actions it produces.

The format condenses the week into smaller pieces that I deem worthy rather than trying to make sense of EVERYTHING that I consume.

Focus on the highest signal of the week, ignore everything else.

Sure there's more FOMO, but the progress achieved by focus gets me further than leaving it to read for later.

I want this newsletter to be a "just-in-time" sharing for me, rather than a just in case newsletter. The content diet of readers of this newsletter should be a flight to taste off of, and order more by double clicking on the content

One thing I'm reading

Matthew Walker's "Why We Sleep" Is Riddled with Scientific and Factual Errors - Alexey Guzey

I remember reading Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker and gorging on his podcasts as part of his book tour. I found myself nodding my head at a lot as it reinforced what I was already feeling

Fast forward to when Alexey Guzey released this post tearing down the first chapter of his book. It's insane that he could go through just ONE chapter and find all these errors or reaches of logic.

Take a skim over the table of contents and double click on what interests you. Seems that Walker wasn't as meticulous in the book writing and referencing research as he should have been.

One thing I'm building

DIY LED corner lamps

Looking at Amazon there are a ton of offers for an LED corner lamp.

None of them are cheap.

So I decided to google and figure out how to make one on my own

Yes I'm still having to pay Amazon for materials, but I can make it for half to a third of the price.

Link for the lazy. But if you want to make one yourself check out the video below!

One thing I'm thinking about

What items can I buy once and use forever?

Technology is ever evolving, so how can we develop products that evolve with a new update? Or what can we get once and never have to get again with good upkeep?

With a push for sustainability, there will be a market for Buy it For Life or Buy it for a VERY long time items. High quality, low maintenance, with a higher price tag but with no superior alternatives

Ultimately you want Buy it For Life items to be things you use every day. A few come to mind

  • cooking pans
  • Toothbrushes
  • beds
  • cars
  • computers
  • clothing

Some of these areas already have their front runners, and others are on the cusp of getting there.

The next big idea will figure out how to make BIFL items in less obvious areas.

One thing I'm watching

Kuroko Basketball

Ever since I watched Haikyu - a volleyball anime that explained the mechanics of the game in an entertaining way - I have enjoyed sports anime that balance the cartoon with the actual sport jargon and science.

Enter Kuroko Basketball on Netflix. There's only one dubbed season so far, but I have enjoyed it so much. Like Haikyu, it explains some of the nuances of basketball and the different types of skills, schemes, and players that are on the court. Sure it can be dramatic, but that allows you to retain and remember what you're learning while watching!

One thing I'm using

Telegram Groups.

Since WhatsApp and Facebook are starting to want more of my data, I've decided to move some of my conversations to more private apps. Telegram is one that the people on Twitter I follow seem to appreciate in terms of features and intimacy.

And I couldn't agree more.

Telegram is a more intimate community. It's the closest equivalent of a group text without feeling like a social media app. The people inside it have to be those willing to share and reply back, so you have to choose wisely.

Here are a few Telegram Groups I'm in that I think you'd appreciate joining and being a part of

RogueWarriorsHQ - by a pseudonymous Twitter account that talks about business, finance, automation and more

Psypreneurs - Self Improvement group

The Daily Visual - Craig Burgess group that is a private forum for visual designers

Dan Koe Broadcast - Dan is a great guy that is sharing what he learns and does with his audience

As I find more I might share others, but being a week or two into these I can highly recommend them.

One person I'm following

Chamath Palihapitiya

Chamath is a well known person around Twitter, and part of the All-In Podcast with his "Besties" that talk about tech, politics, and everything in between.

He's best known for being one of the first employees at Facebook, and more recently for brining the SPAC to the forefront of investing

Now he's looking at the Governor seat for California

It is a wet dream of mine to see someone from tech and business try their hand at taming the government bureaucracy from the inside, and Chamath seems to be the best of them to be successful.

Give him a follow and see what happens!

One thing I'm learning

How to create my own marketing Agency

I bought The Agency Course by Matthew Paik a while ago and was gung ho about creating my own small marketing agency for small businesses in Baton Rouge.

Fast forward to now and I haven't started ☹️

That changes by going through his video content and establishing myself on the internet.

I'll post more about this as I hit different milestones, but I am excited to see what happens

Potential niches for me that I feel are pretty open

  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Pest Control
  • Gyms and Personal Trainers

If you know anyone in the Baton Rouge area or around yours that's looking for some free help in growing their business online (lead generation, landing pages, websites, etc) share this and let's get connected!

That's it for this newsletter. Hope you enjoyed it!

Let me know what you think of this new format. What would you like to see me expand upon or explore? See you next week!