Accelerate Thought With Twitter Extensions

Upgrade your twitter with these tools that level up your writing, scheduling, and serendipity

Accelerate Thought With Twitter Extensions

On the surface Twitter is a social media app, however

With the proper tools Twitter can be used as a notebook to refine, refind, and remix your ideas

In this post I'll outline a few tools I've used and am currently testing to help organize my tweets and create a serendipity flywheel.


Hypefury is the the ultimate tweet machine. The app is used extensively by those in Money Twitter and have been expanding their reach due to their unparalleled product. It has a great relationship with its users and has a podcast that interviews them about how they grew their accounts as well as how they use Hypefury.

What makes it so great?

It allows scheduling, retweeting, evergreen tweets, and much more...

Twitter has long been roasted for not having some basic functions for its platform. Instead of giving us basic features (scheduled retweets, scheduled tweet dashboards) we get Fleets.

Hypefury is a great addition to those serious about leveraging twitter for their writing, business, and outreach for co founders.

They also have an affiliate program that people can leverage to further expand their reach. Here's my code if you want to try it out for free!


Threadhelper is a newcomer on the scene, developed by the Rival Voices account as a way of helping deep Twitter thinkers to thread their ideas (old and new) into a vast Memex.

What makes it so great?

It's a great way of looking at what you already tweeted based on the keywords of your next tweet. It increases the serendipity of finding old ideas and connecting them to new ones. They also introduced a shuffle feature which allows to further randomize and increase the chance of a thought being expanded.

It's a great function that allows you to make the most out of the sidebar. However, I would appreciate if it allowed for similar tweets (not exact keyword matches) to show up as depending on whether I type "baseball" or "sports" will bring up different tweets.


A new beta app by Geoffrey Litt, Twemex takes the Zettlekasten method and remixes it to show what works and sticks based on likes and retweets.

What makes it so great?

You can use Twitter like a power user without having to be a power user. You're able to get the high signal tweets from a profile just by clicking on their picture. It's a way of indexing Twitter without the hassle.

On the main page the default is a "on this day" page where accounts you follow have their top tweets of that day show up. A great Facebook/Instagram nod to a time machine that you can look up for yourself as well. It would be great to do this for a few months, weeks, days back to capitalize and bring up bets, challenges, and other time sensitive tweets.

What to Tweet

A New script turned webapp by Jakob Greenfeld, this condenses the tweet tips from Josh Spector of For The Interested into a way of inspiring a new tweet. His tips given in his newsletter are accompanied by an example tweet from a high profile account.

What makes it so great?

This tool is great for tweet block, and if you don't have an organized swipe file it can help give you inspiration and guidance on what works.

It's a super simple tool that can be updated with even more tweet prompts. Then create 100 tweet challenges or OpenAI integration to allow for infinite prompts.

Looking forward to Jakob expanding this tool with more examples and inspiration!

If you want to learn more and beta test these apps, follow the links and DM the profiles mentioned to get started.

And if you want to see my feed using these apps - check out my profile here