This is what I Learned on a Multi Billion Dollar LNG Project

This is what I Learned on a Multi Billion Dollar LNG Project

During my time on an LNG expansion project, I was working with the Piping Project Manager on material tracking and reporting. I was able to complete development of a tool in around a month that cut the original reporting time from weeks to a day.

Here's what I learned from that experience

I was tasked with creating a tool from scratch that could provide visual data on the current status and a 30, 60, 90 day lookahead for piping footage and modules.

Statistics on a laptop
Photo by Carlos Muza / Unsplash

In order to develop the tool, I had to discuss what the key performance indicators were (footage, timing, type, and material) in order to tailor the dashboard to the audience of upper management and other stakeholders

I was able to use Excel and Access to scrape the shipping data from multiple suppliers and organize them by shipping date and lookahead. With some feedback from each stakeholder I was able to make a product that collected all the data and visualized it in a matter of hours. The reporting they used prior took weeks of combining sheets and manual data entry and analysis.

The skills that I used/learned were:

  • effective communication with the client (in this case my boss, management, and joint venture partners)
  • ability to collect/organize data effectively
  • prioritizing action and developing tools quickly

While the tool was for a specific purpose, the ability to collect and analyze data and automate it effectively are key to freeing up time and resources on the front end (data analysts and reporting) as well as on the back end (sending out email updates rather than hour long meetings)


I believe leveraging my skills in creating fit for purpose tools and understanding from first principles what the client and team need is key to improving the company and scaling effectively.